February 17, 2015

Praxic E-ternship


Praxik, LLC is a start-up founded in May 2014 with offices in Minneapolis and Ames, IA. We focus on extending the use of new consumer devices such as the Kinect 2.0 and Google Project Tango (among others). We build applications that use the raw depth data stream from these devices to create user friendly, easily understood 3D models and depth-images that can be embedded in client systems. We are pursuing B2B avenues for this technology across a number of different industries in the Midwest. We are also pursuing other applications using these same underlying hardware platforms in the game and mobile health space. More about us can be seen at www.praxik.com.

What we are seeking

As a small start up, positions are fluid and we are interested in candidates who are comfortable in co-creating their job within the company and playing multiple roles as necessary. There are many rolls / skills sets we are interested in adding to our company including finding individuals with capabilities in:

  • Technology
  • Marketing
  • Industry analysis

Some of the specific tasks we could imagine students assisting with include:

  • Testing new prototypes out for usability and aesthetic appeal
  • Researching potential clients and helping develop presentations
  • Developing pricing models for client engagements
  • Other tasks based on an individual’s experience and interest

What we are offering

Successful candidates will have the opportunity to join a start up at the ground floor. All of our founders have considerable experience in start-ups including leading start-ups through typical phases such as Series A rounds, Acquisition and even IPO. Candidates who have interest in founding their own start up will find these experiences valuable gaining an understanding of how people in this space conceptualize a new opportunity and build a start up that is attractive to venture capitalists and other investors. We are also at the forefront of the technology space known as ‘The Internet of Things’ and our internship will offer a chance to become acquainted with this emerging technology space.

For questions please contact Luke Shors – luke@praxik.com